⛓️Tao Accounting System

The Tao Accounting System is a novel system for token accounting on Bittensor, enabling trc-20 balance accounting.

Similar to inscriptions on Bitcoin, The Tao Accounting System will hold a record on our subnet of account balances. This unlocks transferring tokens from one account to another on our subnet.

What is Bittensor Network

Bittensor is a decentralized network that facilitates the sharing of machine learning resources. It operates as a Peer-to-Peer Intelligence Market, where intelligence is priced by other intelligence systems across the internet. The network uses a digital ledger to record ranks and provide incentives in a decentralized way.

Tao Accounting System Subnet

The Tao Accounting System Protocol focuses on two areas of innovation: novel token accounting on TAO and AI model democratization. TAS Protocol is the first protocol to implement TRC-20, and experimental token standard to unlock tokens on Bittensor Network. TAS Protocol also released the Real-Time Gesture Recognition RTGR model for fine-tuning and general use on day 1.

Details on the process of designing, implementing, and deploying the Tao Accounting System (TAS) subnet can be found on our github. (https://github.com/tao-accounting-system-protocol/tas-protocol)

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